Our Team


Ravindra Singh

Founder & Director

A successful Director with experience as a Project Manager and Product Designer. Expert in managing multi-million dollar accounts, securing key collaborations, and strategic risk-taking.

Jason Chan

Jason Chan

Operations Manager

With over 20 years experience in various industries, excelling in process optimization, team management, tech-driven efficiency and demonstrates exceptional service leadership


Mitul Patel

Chief Financial Officer

Highly experienced in executive roles across Asia Pacific, specializing in strategy development, team leadership, and organizational transformation across diverse industries


Navya Sharma

Customer Support Manager

With 15 years in international business, she excels as a Customer Service Specialist, known for delivering exceptional service and building strong client relationships globally.


John Smith

Marketing Manager

Innovator driving brand awareness and customer engagement strategies.


Sarah Wong

Product Manager

Coordinator ensuring product development aligns with market needs and company goals.


Samantha Chen

Customer Support

Dedicated problem-solver providing exceptional service and support to customers.